If your have any questions regarding City Park Library, it’s contents and “how it works,” or if you have any related ideas/suggestions you wish to share, Library Project Manager, JEFF KIRBY, will be happy to respond.

Kirby is a Library and Information Technician and active member at City Park Cooperative. He is the host/curator of What Queer Reading, curates and programs a pop-up bookshop knife | fork | book, and handles Marketing/Social Media at Tightrope Books. His favourite self-descriptor is reader. Kirby recently spoke at the 2016 Ontario Library Association Super Conference.

Jeff can be contacted here or just leave a note for him at your Library.

Artist: Jabari Elliot

6 thoughts on “ASK

  1. Jeff, I’ve wondered over the years where you were and how you were doing. Now I finally know! You’re still making so many people happy and I’m happy for YOU! I will never forget Godspell at Asbury Church. Your talent and enthusiasm are immense. Your photos are so beautiful. Congratulations on your success and for bringing joy wherever you are. Nancy H. (Toledo)

    • Nancy, what a joy to wake up and receive this. I feel I’ve lived many lives this lifetime, including the wonderful years you recall. Thank you for taking the time to share your kind words of love and support. Jeff

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